Optimum No-Rinse - I'm Impressed

The temperature crept above freezing today, so I was able to pressure wash the top crust of salt off the 4Runner (without turning the driveway into a skating rink). Afterwards, I tried out new-to-me ‘Optimum No-Rinse’ to actually ‘wash’ it in the garage.

Mid-clean. Front door & fender done, rear door untouched (other than pressure washer rinse earlier)

I’m impressed. I followed the directions on the bottle (mostly), went through 6 washing microfibers and 3 for drying, but man it works and it works well. This is easily as clean as it would have been if I two-bucket’ed it in the driveway, but I was warm and dry in the garage.


I am very pleased and surprised with how well it turned out. I’m tempted to do the Chevelle (well, the parts of it that are in the garage) just for fun since I have more solution mixed up in the bucket. Also, it smells sort of like blue jello which is awesome.

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