Options....(repost for the day crowd)

So, i cant deal with this triumph reliability. I used to do almost 30K miles a year. I dont know if I did 5K this year. I will not stand for this.

Here are my potential options:

2012 Honda CBR 1000RR fireblade ABS. 20th ani edition.

pros: Honda reliability
175HP stock
ABS (big one)

cons: its 30lbs more then the GSX-R.
dash is a bit boring
its the ‘boring’ liter bike
more expensive running costs? 190 rear tire...and heavier on fuel

And in the RED corner,

2014 Suzuki GSXR 750 R 50th anniversery edition

that red
lighter, better handling bike
little bit cheaper to buy (1K)

no ABS
seems like everyone and their dog has a GSXR 750 around me..I can literally count 5 friends who have one.
While suzuki reliability is nothing to sneeze at, it wont top the honda I think
down 25 HP to the honda.


thoughts? I feel like the added ABS on the CBR is swaying me that way...the fact that it would have an exhaust on it already helps it...

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