So earlier I mentioned I will soon be moving to a new place. Once I do, and get settled in, I will be looking for a new (to me) toy.

The plan is to move with just the CL, 124, and likely both bikes. This means I will want another toy as the fiat is still a work in progress.

Not sure if I want to go vintage or modern yet, but I should have 75 - 100 to spend on whatever next, but the less I spend the more I have for mods / future additions. My plausible list is a bit.... massive; but let me know if there’s options I missed.

So far, in no particular order:

- 70's Alfa GTV2000

- 70's 911 with RSR style kit

- Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione

- C6 ZR1

- R32 Nismo

-C7 zo6

- 13+ Viper

-997 Turbo

-Gen 2 Viper GTS

- 360 Modena (manual)

- R8 (likely 4.2)

- F355

- 996 Turbo


- 2000 Cobra R

- Mercedes 190SL

- Jaguar XKE

-Lotus Esprit V8