What's the first thing you do while driving when you see a cop?

In a news story this morning on Fox6 Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark asked that drivers be careful this holiday weekend. He asked that they pay attention to the roads, and to not text and drive.


He also made a statement that was shocking, but not all that odd now that I think of it. He said when most drivers see a police car on the roads, the first thing they do is check their speedometer. They aren't even aware of how fast they are going, so what else aren't they aware of??

"Wow," I thought to myself "that's the first thing I always do, even if I know I'm not speeding."

Its like it is ingrained in our psyche somehow, to check for the most obvious of illegal activities that one will be performing whilst out driving.

So, Oppo, what's the first thing YOU do if you see a cop on the side of the road while you're driving your vehicle?

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