With all the talk about cupholders, let’s take a moment to remember how awful the 3rd gen Acura Integra’s were. See that air freshener? That was the largest can you could fit in there. Honda designed these for small-size drinks and not the big honkin’ American size monstrosities.

Want to fit a large drink in there? Sure! Just don’t expect to use the ashtray, cigarette lighter, or the stereo. Better not corner too fast or it’ll end up on your carpet. It’s a thin rail cupping the lower-half of a tall vessel where all the weight is up top. The odds are not in your favor.

There are many reasons to buy (or steal, if you choose) an Acura Integra.

The cupholders will not be one of them.

As a sort of fitting post-script, I bought a cupholder/center console assembly but my car was stolen, stripped, and basically totaled before I could swap it in. I now have a center console assembly complete with cupholders at home that I’ll probably turn into a desk organizer or something when I get around to it.