Orang gila, where you at? Kind of underwhelmed by Jakarta car-spotting.

Jakarta. Tons of fun. A hundred seventy-nine malls. A Rolls-Royce ad first thing you see when you walk off the plane.

In my week there, sure, I saw a handful of Bentleys and Rollses and exactly one Maserati crossover. But given what I’ve seen of Indonesians in the US, I expected Jakarta to be overflowing with exotics. And I didn’t see a single one (unless you count Rolls, Bentley, and Maybach as exotics).

I also didn’t see much interesting Radwood-era stuff. A few nice Mercedes W124s and Volvo 240s, but really not that much, and a lot less than even in a mediocre car city like Bangkok.


I guess I was in the wrong places? Besides obvious answers like nightclub VIP parking, government offices, and high-end malls’ VIP floors, where does one see cool/interesting cars driving around Jakarta?

Also, stereotypically, what does preman drive? I saw one rather terrifying looking dude in an AMG C63 giving a pep talk to some beggar kids.

Random pics for your enjoyment.

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