Stopped by the dealership today to get some odds and ends for the KLR (finally got my own tire spoons!) and I did my usual walk of the dealership area. I’m not normally one for cruisers but I saw a 2013 Suzuki Boulevard M50. New. Salesman said 5 grand and I’d ride off with it.

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....I was tempted.....But I’m trying to not just drop fat stacks everywhere on a whim. KLR is paid off before year’s end. Focus ST’s loan will be half paid off before next summer. I’ll have cash in the bank to get a house (and by that I mean a decent down payment). There is an order to all of this and I need to stick to it but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I do love the boulevard M50/90/109R. They’re like cruisers that actually don’t suck at being ridden and sell for a reasonable price.

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