Ordered a knockoff ZHP knob to replace my knockoff OEM one

Because why fix the car’s actual issues when you can buy $20 accessories and get the same level of feel-good?


That black bit on the knob is supposed to be leather but on this eBay knob it’s just plastic, and there’s a rough seam between it and the “wood” that can be uncomfortable if you grab it wrong.

If you’re unfamiliar with BMW shift knobs, they don’t screw on as is the norm. They press on and there’s a bit that clips onto a ring in the shift lever. My original knob had two of the four clippy bits snap off, so the knob would pop off if you shifted too hard towards yourself.

I still have the OE knob, I might just attempt to swap the inner bit on this cheap one into it so I can put the original knob back on. In the meantime I needed another knob as a backup in case I fail at this and end up with two ruined knobs.

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