After spending the whole day Saturday test riding numerous Trek and Giant bikes, I went back for a 2nd look at the Specialized Sirrus I liked initially. Ended up pulling the trigger and ordering one.

Being one for crazy colors, I went with the Acid Kiwi/Black combo:


Should be in here 2 weeks tops. Super Pumped.

My wife decided on a Trek Verve 3 as she likes the more cruiser style riding position.

This also brought us to the decision that the kids need new bikes as well since they will no longer be able to keep pace. My oldest will likely end up with a Specialized Sirrus like mine (only hers will be Satin Plum/Acid Lava colored)


and my middle daughter really liked the Specialized HotRock 24" in Neon Blue


We’re getting ours this year yet as they’re on sale currently, we’ll get the kids new bikes in the spring.

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