A few months ago I posted about the wheels on our 2004 Envoy leaking regularly at the bead. Since then the problem has progressively gotten worse and last week I had my "last straw" moment after I had to throw the spare on because one was so low I couldn't drive on it to the gas station.

I'm quite certain that corrosion along the bead is the culprit and rather than deal with trying to have the wheels cleaned and tires remounted with no guarantee that the problem wouldn't come back I decided that since the current tires are within a few months of needing to be replaced I would just spring for new tires and wheels.

I poked around a bit and finally settled on 17" MB TKOs in matte black paired with a set of 245/65/17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s. They should be here sometime in the next week, already mounted and balanced so I'll just have to install them. I'll post some pics once they're on, but in the meantime, this GIS find should be an accurate depiction.