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Ordering an F80 M3: One Man's Journey Toward his Dream Car

The order:

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I couldn’t help it. My F30 328i’s lease was up, and I just couldn’t deal with not having a third pedal anymore. I just felt... so empty. I looked at 335i, but it felt heavy, unbalanced compared to my 328i, and just wasn’t enough of an upgrade. The 340i is coming, but with all the options I wanted, it came out to $10k less than the M3, and at that point I was like, “well this is dumb.”

So I did it. I ordered an M3. The way I want it. T-minus 8 weeks or so.

I test drove a C63S, and while I thought the interior was nicer, and the engine is a hoot, I couldn’t justify another $10K for a car with an automatic transmission. I tested out the ATS-V as well, but that interior just didn’t do it for me. So M3 it was.


This is going to be the longest wait of my life.

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