So last week, I pretty much vented my frustrations of purchasing a Wrangler. After some thought, I decided that new was the way to go. It’s only a few grand more for a new one, and money is cheap right now, so financing isn’t too crazy.

My color combo and feature content isn’t too common, so I decided ordering one specifically would be the best route. I was all set to order one in Tank, but I was informed it’s not offered for 2016...neither is Anvil, or Copper. They literally took away every unique, yet not obnoxious color for 2016r.

So what I ended up with:
2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport S
6-Speed Manual
Granite Crystal Metallic
Black Cloth
Connectivity Group (Bluetooth + uConnect)
Power Package
3-Piece Hardtop
Heated Seats (aftermarket for $499)


It should look something like this. As Granite Crystal Pearl is new for 2016, it’s difficult to find photos. I really wanted the color, Rhino, but it’s not available until early 2016.

This is new for me...I’ve never purchased a new car, so I haven’t ever had the ability to contact dealers in terms of pricing, comparing apples to apples.

So I called 10 dealers within 2 hours of me, some here in Colorado, and two in Wyoming. I told them that I’ve contacted several dealers, and will be receiving a quote from all of them, then going with the best second chances.


Overall, I think it worked pretty well. Prices were all within the same ballpark, and a lot lower than I thought.

MSRP: $30,770

Highest Price : $30,270 + $594 processing

Lowest Price: $28,824 + $499 processing


So, according to, I managed to get an ‘Exceptional Price’ at Autonation Jeep. I’m a little bummed that I’ll be purchasing from a massive conglomerate (probably why the price is so good), but I’m excited my bargaining skills seemingly paid off! None of the dealers were willing to budge on the exorbitant ‘processing fee’. None of the dealers in Colorado I spoke with had a fee under $400, merely for them to print paperwork/use as a sales buffer.