So yesterday I decided to replace the fuel filter due to the plugs showing a lean condition and no CEL. So I started kind of late, because I didn’t want to work on a hot engine and I was having trouble getting the new filter to fit and it was getting dark, so I decided to finish it the next morning before class.

The next morning I get the bottom , with some unexpected difficulty, and top connected. However when I prime it, fuel sprays out a pinhole in the top. After taking the banjo bolt out I found a burr on the top of the filter that was preventing the washer from sealing.

So I walk to O’Reilly’s and exchange it and pay $10 for the WIX brand. Repeat the process and again fuel’s spraying out the top. So I took out the banjo bolt, replaced the top new washer with the old one; put it back together and now it’s working.

Holy fuck O’Reilly’s for $20 you can’t make a filter that seals and for $30 the washers still don’t seal! Go fuck a camel and die O’Reilly’s. I checked with the dealer just now and they sell the filter and washers for $32.


Also still have no idea what this thing does. It’s a fuel line that attaches to the fuel filter bracket and just stops there plugged. I haven’t traced it yet (I do know it lead back under the car though), but I highly doubt it’s stock. Probably some emission’s work around.