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Organized the Bandit Racing Team's garage

Only thing missing is sponsor banners, a swimsuit calendar, and a running kart! (relevant info after gap)

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When I took on the team the room the room was trashed, there was no order all tools were everywhere, parts for old karts (now missing) were everywhere, and a ton of parts for the current kart were missing. Now all of that has been organized, I found a random table and made a work bench out of that. I have come to realize to get the team into respectable shape I'm going to need somewhere around $2,000 more than I currently have. We need a new kart, the one we have is old and outdated and broken. I also need to get new safety stuff as the suit, helmet, harnesses, and all the other stuff as it is all is out of date. Entry to the race is about $500 so my current budget of $1,000 is nowhere near close enough to get a functioning team. The good news is there is a guy on my floor who races shifter karts! So I have a driver. Now if for some magical reason I get enough funding I would love to buy a newer kart, fix the older kart and field two karts (with maybe me as a driver???).

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