Ruth Warren 1934, with her car that was stolen by Bonnie and Clyde, the one they ultimately died in.


Death Car: 1934 Ford Model 730 Deluxe Sedan
Assembly Plant: River Rouge
Assembly Date: February 1934
Dealership: Mosby-Mack Motor Company
Engine: Large eighy-five HP V8
Transmission type: manual 3 speed
Tires: Firestone 525/550x17
Original owner: Ruth Warren
Original purchase price: $835 (1934)
Custom color: Cordoba Grey
Inside options: Arvin hot water heater
Outside options: steel cover for spare
tire, front & rear bumper guards, a
chrome greyhound radiator cap ornament,
Potters trunk & safety glass windows
Date stolen: April 29, 1934
License plate: 1934 Arkansas 15-368
Original license plate: Kansas 3-17832
Odometer miles: (added by Clyde) 2,500
Damage assessment: bulletholes & bloodstains