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The Datsun 510 is at the top of my “Someday When I Have Time/Money: Project Cars Edition” list. It is some how equal parts boxy and beautiful. Quite often, the two are mutually exclusive. I was thinking about this car on the drive into work this morning, and as I searched for an SR20 swapped version to show my friend, I stumbled across the latest installment of /TUNED showcasing that exact setup.


The owner, Rick O’Donnell, had a Datsun as his first car and got hooked. After building up his 510 sedan, he wanted one he could bring to the track. He started his build from a rolling chassis; handling all the rust removal, welding, brakes, and chassis fixes himself. He handed the shell over to McKinney Motorsports, and in return received a fully running 510 with a tune to nearly 4x the horsepower of the stock 95 horsepower motor.

Rick found the car to be more capable than he expected, which led to widebody upgrades to fit the increased amount of rubber. As one car mod always leads to another, Rick’s friend offered to do some paint on the car; resulting in the blue beauty Matt Farah drives in the video. Watch below for Matt’s take on the car:

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