I had to go on a short road trip this past weekend to photograph a 50K trail/mountain ultra marathon. I was lead through some back country on the way there. Off the side of the this country highway was a fenced in yard with lots of no trespassing signs. So i was only able to snap a few pics from the fence. But there were some really cool cars sitting out here left to die and decay in a field. After walking the fence line, I noticed the property went much much much further back, into heavy brush and trees, and there were hundreds upon hundreds of cars stashed back there as well. I may have to convince myself out of driving back out there with some cash in hand looking for a new project! There was maybe 50-60 cars, with some hope of being revived, closer to the side of the hwy. And if I had to guess, 300+ in the back of the property that I couldn’t get to. What a cool place

This poor fella is almost gone: