Other people's reactions to cars I've owned

Reactions to my high school car:

“Can I have a ride?”


Reactions to my college car:

“Can I have a ride?”

“Why’d you buy a grandma car?”

“What’s that noise?” (loose belt and a few other mystery noises, for the curious)

Reactions to my post-college car:

“That is sexy”

“Beautiful car”

“An automatic? pssh”

“Last time I went here, I rode in a BMW, so obviously that was a little...different”


Reactions to my Saab:


“This is kind of fun, I guess”

“Your car is in the shop again?”

“Nice car, what is it?”

“Why are the cupholders so terrible?”


Reactions to my BMW:

“You don’t seem like the type of guy to drive a sporty coupé


“I have to sit in the back?

“What’s the difference between a horse and a BMW? A horse’s asshole is on the outside.”


“That’s going to cost a lot to fix when it breaks”

“The cupholders in here are worse than the ones in your Saab”

“Can I have a ride?”

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