Last week, my wife and I were in the kitchen with dinner ready, and our kids were upstairs. We hear a clunk on the stairs, and suddenly several more in close succession. We’re both running toward the bottom of the staircase and find my 3-year old daughter in tears at the bottom, having just tumbled down most of a full flight of hardwood, straight stairs.

Three minutes later she was eating dinner. Not a scratch or significant bruise anywhere on her. It’s right up there among a parent’s worst fears, like playing in traffic, running with scissors, and falling off a swingset. (Sadly, I’d have to rank public violence in my top 10 fears at this point, but let’s not go there.) Our kids are very good about being careful on the stairs, but she was playing with a toy and got distracted; as did we. And we were very lucky.

Over the weekend, we hiked a small local mountain with the kids. My five-year-old son was great. Our daughter needed a little help toward the bottom. We played on the beach (in October!) went apple picking, played in piles of leaves, all in all a great weekend, lots of time outside being active. Last night around 4:30, my son sat down in regular-height chair at a regular old table to play quietly with a toy; he was tired from running around recklessly on the lawn with his sister for the last 2 hours.

He fell out of the chair, somehow, and broke his arm as you can see from the x-ray. Poor guy. Today was school picture day. I brought him in and he was all smiles with a cast over his elbow and a shiny new sling over his shoulder. He’s being a real trooper about the whole thing, which is amazing. His arm was visibly bent! I knew in an instant that it was broken. They even had to re-set the bone, a procedure for which my wife left the room. It should heal up just fine. At least now beach days are over, and he’ll be 100% healed in time for ski season.


It just goes to show that no matter how careful you are as a parent, things will still happen. We ski with them and they fall, get back up, and keep going. They fall off their bikes. They’ll fall down the stairs and be fine (apparently, although I hope to never repeat that one). Then they’ll tip out of a small chair onto a rug and wind up in the ER. You never know.

Umm oh yeah here’s a couple neat vehicles I saw at the farm where we went apple picking: an early 60's Ford like mine (I want the windshield, mine is awful) and a CJ3 (?) converted into even more of a tractor than it already was from the factory. I wasn’t quick enough, but it had a hydraulic lift on the front.