Our 2012 Volvo S60 Had a Very Small Incident...

The bottom of our S60 got attacked by a piece of rebar sticking out of parking spot. The bottom of the bumper ended up getting caught, and ripped a little underneath. Now, we need your advice on what to do.


There are two options here. Option one, is the much cheaper one. The bodyshop will take off the bumper, bondo and sand down that part and repaint. This will be nice because its cheaper. The original bumper will also be re-used which saves the VIN number which is seen under the hood.

Option two is to go and replace the whole bumper with a new one. This is the one issue however: OEM Volvo bumpers come pre-painted from the factory. This sounds all nice and good, except for the fact that the car is a 2012. It’s spent a few years in Florida. The car itself is Ember Black Metallic. I would like to think that the paint fade won’t be too bad; but until the new bumper is on we cannot really tell. It’ll also be more obvious that the bumper was changed.

What do you think the better course of action is here? Any advice is appreciated at this point! It should be noted that you can’t actually tell there was any damage unless you get under the car. From the front you’d never know.

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