Our Expedition: A Month In Review

So we have had our Expedition for a month and a whopping 3k miles so far so i figured I’d put together a few of my thoughts on it so far

Looks: Its a refrigerator on wheels, there’s no denying that, and the white doesn’t do it any favors, but the color is really starting to grow on me. When she’s clean (and yes its a she, we named her Frost after Killer Frost from The Flash) she looks really good. I’m starting to hate the chrome wheels less and less as well


Now that said, I still would love to get rid of the chrome. I’m currently got my wheels and tires up for trade for some gunmetal F150 wheels. I’d love to do Raptor wheels and tires but the 35s wont fit without lifting it 3 inches. As far as other exterior positives go, the tailgate is power operated which is nice and the back glass can still be opened separately just like on our old explorer. The power running boards were nice but the drivers side motor is going out and it’s an 800 dollar part so I just keep them turned off. Oh and I’ve already had to have one of the tires replaced thanks to a big fucking nail. But the rest of the tires are still practically brand new. the PO must have spent almost a grand on new tires before trading it in.

Reliability: Well one month in we are already at 3k miles so she will be going in for an oil change soon. PO seemed to get it done every 3-4k miles and I’ve read that’s the best way to keep the cam phasers happy. Other than that no issues so far. *knocks on wood*


Interior and Comfort: CUPHOLDERS GALORE! I love cup holders, there are 6 within easy reach of the front seats, 4 within reach of the second row and 3 in the 3rd row. The center console has tons of storage which is nice and so far we have been good about keeping it clean and there’s that little storage space on top of the dash. The seats are super plushy and hold you in place really well. They’re also heated and cooled which is nice. I just wish it had a heated steering wheel. It has the first gen sync system which, yes, is very outdated however it still gives us a lot of options as far as media goes. Bluetooth audio has been our go too but it also has an aux jack and usb port. It also has a 10gb hard drive in it for music storage. it came preloaded with the greatest showman and the new mary poppins soundtrack so my son was happy

Ride and Handling: So the aforementioned fridge on wheels handles like one. Super Floaty in sharp turns but that’s to be expected with a 5400 lb people mover. I don’t plan on carving canyons with it. Ride though is fantastic. It has air suspension which helps minimize harsh bumps and the gigantic potholes of Illinois roads. It’s also super quiet inside around town. You can’t really hear the engine at all unless you have the windows rolled down or you’re giving it the beans. At highway speeds there is a bit of wind noise but once again comes with the territory.


Cargo: Our’s is a short wheelbase model and With the second row flat i can fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood in the back, it’s straight up cavernous. Even with the 3rd row up there was plenty of room to still store the 20 inch wheel and tire upright without any issues and still be able to seat 8. And one of our big requirements was having a fold flat third row, as it was something our explorer has and for some reason GM couldn’t figure out till like 2015. It’ll be nice to see how it does hauling our sons christmas presents home from the grandparents and I can’t wait to take it on a real road trip.


In conclusion I really do love it more than I originally thought I would. while its a bit outdated it still pulls strong and provides the family with plenty of features to keep us happy for the foreseeable future. Just gotta make sure to keep the phasers happy!

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