All it was supposed to be was: “Hey, here’s the law, here are the protected groups, here is what’s acceptable and not acceptable, aaaand sign here.” But no. The peanut gallery was too emboldened for no apparent reason.

Here is the cliffnotes version:

- When the presenter used a real-life example of someone being terminated (example of retaliation) for reporting that she had been harassed and assaulted over multiple years, someone asked, “Well, why didn’t she just quit?”

- Another person protested — for about 2 gruesome minutes — that he should be allowed to comment on a woman’s body as long as he didn’t mean sexual by it. About six women said, “We don’t want you to comment on our bodies.” The presenter said, “That’s a form of harassment.” But then he protested some more.

- The same person said that companies are justified in firing a whistleblower to retain the accused because they contribute more profit to the company than the victim did. I faceplamed so hard.


- When the presenter said that a white, male, 29 year old wasn’t covered under Title VII, ADA, or AEDA, all hell broke loose in the room. I didn’t care for the example, as last I checked, white is a race, and male is a gender, so she’s probably technically wrong... The point she was trying to make is that a white male young boy is very unlikely to be the target of discrimination in comparison to minority groups. But I didn’t say anything. The various people I assume frequent Reddit’s Male Rights page came out swinging though. One guy said that it’s not fair that white men aren’t protected. Hmm.

- The “we don’t like WEHMEN” corner of the room had a side conversation throughout the entire meeting, so much so you couldn’t even hear the presenter. The CEO had to stand up and tell them to be quiet, like they were a bunch of children during a school assembly. Actually, children would be better behaved than those guys.


After the meeting...

- Someone said that the 29-year old white male example was “playing the feminist angle.”


- Various grumblings about a recent incident at work where someone very much was the victim of retaliation for reporting harassment (and they were).

- My cubicle neighbor claiming that, “Everything we do and say is harassment, so we should just shut up and never talk to each other!” End-of-Days style.


- Another person claiming that gender discrimination is a myth perpetuated by the far left. Yes, this is also the same guy who doesn’t like Mexicans I’ve mentioned before.

My only regret is that the meeting wasn’t filmed.