Our school is under threat of shooting

I’m in 5th period. It’s lunch and everyone is either chill, unknowing or totally on edge. The cops are pacing like crazy and there’s extra here than usual and next period is when the crap is supposed to go down. I’m not scared, I’m ready but I’m scared for anyone else. Who knows if one guy I can see is just fine right now but in less than an hour gone? I’m not scared, but I’m paranoid as hell. Teachers are trying to keep people calm and shit but what good will that do? I just hope the cops finish their investigation and catch the motherfucker. Pray for us. If anyone goes out, it’ll be me making sure no one else gets hurt or at least from trying. I know some of you are just like “oh, it’s a just a little kid here overreacting and nothing is gonna happen.” Maybe, but I am NOT taking any chances.


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