Our TDI Adventure is Over

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It took a little longer than promised in the settlement, but as of yesterday our involvement in the TDI Buyback program ended* when left hand VW Credit received the loan payoff portion of our settlement from right hand VWoA.


After almost four years, 70,000 or so mile, two expensive insurance claims for accident damage we didn’t cause, the buyback was by far the best offer we were ever going to get for a 2013 Passat. And despite all the horror stories, the entire process was pretty much effortless. It helps to not have an axe to grind I guess.

*We’re awaiting a check for the difference between the settlement payoff and what we actually owed on the loan, so technically we’re not completely done here, but I’m not worried about that. The loan was paid off two days before the next payment would have been due. That is all that matters right now.

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