*Out of Breath* Why do you Weigh so Much!? (Vespa Update)

Trying to work on the scooter and the Ranger at the same time!

I don’t know how much the GT200's spare engine weighs, but I can only lift it an inch off the ground before I got in immense pain. Thankfully I have an appliance dolly and got it up two flights of stairs on my own. The engine leaked out some coolant, guess it was never drained!


Meanwhile, I tagged the scooter with a sloppy Gambler 500 logo. Since it came out terribly I’m going to go over it with a hand painted pink or blue logo. It’ll look pretty neat with the overspray white background.

Yeah, I can hear Vespa fans having a heart attack because I’m hurting the resale value. I don’t care. The parts I have alone can make back my money no sweat. That and I didn’t get this as a flip, so protecting whatever value it has isn’t a concern.

Weather permitting I begin my teardown tomorrow. Primary goal is to possibly find the keys and if I fail, removing the Immobilizer/CDI and the carb.


In other news, I finally got this scooter out of my life! The Gambler friend that was supposed to buy it wasn’t able to, so I passed it on to a 50cc scooter fanatic. He’s either going to engine swap one of his 50s or make it a project with his grandkid.

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