Lately I’ve been carpooling with a coworker. I use this term very loosely, because she doesn’t drive and has a total lack of understanding even the most basic functions of cars. To illustrate:

One day we were talking and she said “well, you drive a manual, right?”

“What? No.”

“Well what the hell is that weird thing?”

She then gestured to my Jag’s J-Gate.

“That’s a gear selector”

“That’s stupid. Why isn’t it on the steering wheel like a normal car?”

At any rate, today I was driving her home and we were in the passing lane behind an E350 and an IS250. The Mercedes was doing about 65 in a 55. I didn’t really care, because I don’t like speeding with a passenger, so I was just happy going faster than the flow of traffic on the right. But it was pretty clear the Lexus did care, because he was on the Mercedes’ ass and would periodically drop back, floor it, then back off again.

So I told her, “watch the Lexus, this guy is going to do something really fucking dumb.”

Sure enough, as we came up on the next exit, he cuts across two lanes into the exit lane, cuts back over into the passing lane while nearly clipping a car in the right lane, then brake checks the Mercedes.

“See? He didn’t like the Mercedes blocking the passing lane.”

She responds “That Mercedes deserved it. That was a complete bitch move to sit in the fast lane.”


Granted, I had to correct her that they were both assholes and that there were no good guys here (and that the Lexus driver can eat shit for that move), but I’m still sort of impressed that someone who has never driven and can’t identify a manual still understands how passing lanes work.