Last Friday a water main broke in front of my office. No water=no air conditioning, and within an hour it was impossible to stay. Today, as they were repairing the broken main (and shutting off our water and air conditioning again), a power distribution transformer, or whatever you call one of those big green boxes in the parking lot, exploded. Great - no water, no power, no air, and thus no point in sticking around.

Surprisingly, the stairwells were completely dark. Thankfully I keep a couple of LED flashlights in my computer bag, so getting out wasn't a problem. I've gone home to work, where I have air, water and an internet connection, although it occurs to me that the files I need to work on are located on the server in the office that has no power. I'd send some documents for review to a co-worker in Chicago, but the only email address I have for him is his work address.

So, long story short - should I feel guilty if I get nothing done this afternoon?