What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Was told I could work from home starting this past Monday. I was the only one that came into the office until today, first day it wasn’t optional. 1 day of working from home done, get a call from the boss. They’re shutting down the manufacturing side of the company, which means the company is now closed until further notice. It’s important to note that our closure is virus related, not economy related... yet.

Things could be worse. I’m not fired, they made that very clear on the phone. They actually went out of their way to say how fond they were of me, and they were proud of what I had accomplished in my 8 months working for them. They’re taking it week by week. Right now we’re only closed next week, but I think we all know it’s going to be longer. I’m taking their praises as a good sign that it’s not over. I have a pretty essential role at work, I’m the only person that does what I do and I know they couldn’t reopen without me, and I don’t think they want to.  


Technically in my situation my employer is supposed to file for unemployment, we’ll see about that one. I have managed to save a good bit, so I’m ready to ride this one out, but I really don’t like the idea of watching my savings go away. I might be able to pick up part time work somewhere, or do freelance work, but the way things are going I don’t see demand for those going anywhere but down.

Yesterday I stocked up on food, so I’m good there, probably going to start rationing it more than I would normally. Also filled up the tank yesterday too. I can walk to several grocery stores, so I don’t really see any need to drive until I have a paycheck coming. I also have bicycles for getting around, maybe I’ll try selling one.


The plan right now is to just make the best of not having work, and take it day by day. I can probably last about 3 months before I run out of cash, which I hope I’ll be able to avoid. This first week I want to focus on planning and budgeting, but also enjoy myself. Reading, cleaning, bike rides. If I’m not back to work in a week (I’m optimistic, but I know how unlikely it is) then I’ll start seeking out next steps. I think I’ll fully invest in getting somewhere else if there is no work for one month. I don’t know these are all just first impressions. It also depends on what the boss has to say. They were really sad about it on the phone, and said to reach out if I need any help with anything.

The times they are a changin.

Simon and Garfunkel version because they’re more my style than Bob Dylan.

Stay safe out there Oppos. 

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