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Looks like the Cybertruck discussion has just about been beaten to death, but I’ve been sick, so now I’m gonna weigh in.


I appreciate that they did something different, but I don’t like the way that they did it. I’m just not a fan of the styling.I think a little more traditional looking cab would make this a much more appealing truck.

Quick hitter thoughts:

Needs at least a portion of flat roof.

Rear head room looks very low.

Rear visibility looks atrocious, which is already bad enough in long trucks with high bed sides.


Something about that huge flat front glass screams “this thing is going to have so many problems”, idk what they would even be, glare? Chips? hard to clear in the winter?

Where are the wipers?

Where’s the frunk?

Bedsides make the bed nearly impossible to use for small items.

Built in ramp is a neat idea, looks weak though.

Tailgate needs a flat open position. (maybe I just haven’t seen it)

That better be one hell of a tailgate hinge.

Dent resistant body panels are nice, but IMO that just means it’s heavier and there’s still plenty of ding prone surfaces, especially with all the sharp edges.


I have no problems calling a properly designed uni-body as a “real truck”, however I still prefer a BOF design for a general utility vehicle.

This thing is going to look nothing like this once it hits production IMO. 

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