Out with the Corvette. In with another Jeep.

Welp, I sold my C5 Corvette and bought a new Jeep Wrangler Willys Edition. It’s a 6-speed (because I ain’t no punk), has 3.73s, limited slip in the rear, and a terrible stereo. I like it quite a lot and think I’ll get some good use out of it.

Muh new Jeep

So what am I thinking? Well, I almost never drove the Corvette because the surface roads here in South East Michigan are like driving in Kabul in the 90s. The craters are getting worse every year, too. Each morning I would open my garage and ask myself if I wanted to risk my beloved C5 to dodge potholes like a maniac while darting between gravel haulers and loose concrete chunks coming up from the roads. I would typically just say “screw it” and drive my beater Jeep Grand Minivan instead because beater. Even being as careful as possible, I lost one windshield to a gravel truck and was even hit by a hub cap that flew off another car that (shockingly) hit a giant pothole and almost crashed into a road barrier. Fuck. That. I mean, if there was at least a plan in place to repair our Third World roads here, then I might be willing to wait it out. There isn’t, so I have to become a different type of car guy.


I will miss the Corvette dearly. It was pretty and sounded great, especially when you blipped the throttle on the 4 to 3 downshift while rounding a cloverleaf on-ram. Hhhhnnngggggg... It got great fuel economy, worked well on road trips, and was reliable as the sunrise. I just felt bad having a nice car hanging out under a cover in the garage while I bombed all over in a $1,500 WJ.

C5 and Rommel when I first bought my house
Taking up residence next to the trusty (and formerly under water) Jeep Grand Minivan
Bye, buddy! Thanks for all the power slides!

I regret nothing. Ask me anything.

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