Or... at least half the new...

Swapped out the rear OEM Delphi shocks for some new Bilsteins. Took like 45 minutes (mostly because I didn’t have a ratchet wrench) and was super easy and straight forward.

Got to the front and... well... fuck that shit. First of all the Bilstein/SLP shocks came with jack shit for instructions. Second, whichever GM engineer designed the front suspension should be taken behind the shed and shot. Couldn’t even get both spring compressors on the spring and the whole assembly is a hard to disassemble clusterfuck (two of the four bolts are torx heads and are under the master cylinder...wtf).


So, I’m gonna run mismatched at AutoX on Sunday and pay a shop to fuck with it next week, because I’m not about to play around with that coilover, that shit is scary.

On a positive note, the new rears feel amazing. I’m sure it’ll be even better with the fronts swapped too :)