I’ve bought a 2005 Acura TSX!

It’s got 188k on the odo (sounds like a lot but still close to 80k fewer than my GS300).

The body isn’t in the best shape (decent amount of hail damage, scuffs, rock chips, tiny amount of peeling clear coat, and a bit of rust), but I’ll be parking it outside in a college parking lot, so aesthetics aren’t the most important. The mechanicals and suspension are all good and the interior is in great shape.

love the way the rear of the car looks, very timeless.


I bought it locally and other than tires and transmission fluid, it doesn’t need anything major (the tires are pretty bad, fronts are very nearly bald and rears aren’t far behind).

Yes it’s an auto, don’t bother arguing because I ain’t care.

I’m in love with it. The 2.4L VTEC 4 banger is eager to rev and makes pretty decent power. Shifts pretty smoothly and the manual mode is fun to play with. Loving the steering wheel controls, super useful. Everything is laid out well while still being practical. Still finding all kinds of features, it’s incredible what level of thought and engineering went into this car. Oh, and having bright headlights, working (mostly) door locks, and a water tight sunroof are all severely under appreciated things.


Looking forward to more drives with a quicker, more fuel efficient, and sportier little car.