Well, I sold my truck.

Bigfoot 2 goes to his new home next week, with some folks who are real diehard Ford diesel people, which is great. I was initially trying to trade the truck, but they made me a good cash offer the same day that I finally found something I like better/fit what I need to have. And that something is...really unlike me.

Thats a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. This particular one is a one-owner vehicle with round about 180k miles, leather interior (I think they may have all had leather by ‘97), front and rear lockers, and most importantly for a Rhode Island vehicle: NO RUST.

I would have accepted a little rust. I would have accepted moderate rust. Honestly, I would have even accepted “a fair bit of rust in the normal spots”. So to find a rust-free one up here in the Road Saltiest Place on Earth is a bit of a surprise.


The main reason I’m getting rid of the truck is because my son is 10 months old now, and he’s getting too big for the car seat I have. The one he’ll need after this just won’t fit, so I was going to have to move on from the truck sooner rather than later. The Land Cruiser gives me plenty of room for his car seat, excellent winter capability, and I just think it’s a really good looking vehicle. Big and burly, but comfortable and cool. It’s like the me of vehicles.

Of course every Oppo has to have a plan for a vehicle they haven’t even bought yet, and you better believe I’ve got a plan here. I’d like to make a bit of an expedition vehicle. Throw on some slightly larger BFG ATs (I’ve loved the ones I have on the F250), maybe pick it up about an inch. Big roof rack, a ladder to get up there, bull bar, winch. I’ve never had a vehicle that could do legitimate off-roading, and I’d kinda like to get into that...it always looked like a ton of fun. In this case, more like two and a half tons of fun.


Bonus picture of the dude I’m changing vehicles for. Picture looks sideways to me, hopefully it shows up straight. If not...kinja.