I bought a Honda v6 J series engine from a wrecked Acura (yes it’s vtec, yo) and once it’s in I will never get passed by a Camry again. In fact, I’ll be fast. Straight line fast. In a Miata. Okay I’m going to need a minute....

The reason I decided to ditch the turbo plans is because naturally aspirated Miata is best Miata. Find me a build thread with a Turbo and I’ll show you pages of cooling problems. Also, v6 swap is just a lot cooler. You see very few whereas Turbo is the go to power adder. Doesn’t hurt that the engine swap should end up being significantly cheaper than the turbo buil.

I drove one of superfastmiatas’ v6 swapped cars last week and holy mother of God it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Absolute rocket ship and the balance is still fantastic. it’s hard to complain with 300 hp 300 ft/lbs of tourqe. Stay tuned.