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Outback is about ready for winter!

Upgrades Completed: AVO Up Pipe, Cobb Catted DP, AVO Catback, AVO Front Suspension Brace, AVO Rear Suspension Brace, KYB Struts Rear, Ralli Teck 0" Front Springs, King Spring 0" rear Springs, SOS Coils, Stage 2 Tune and 4 pot Wilwood Front brakes.

Maintenance: Timing Belt, Water Pump, Spark Plugs

The only thing left to do for winter is put on the snow tires, but it’s road trip time first!


Now that everything is back together I need to do some Data Logging today on the tune to make sure it’s good to go. Couldn’t find any OTS tunes so had to put one together myself. So far it runs and doesn’t complain but I need to datalog to make sure it’s safe. Also going down to Sea Level this week (San Diego) so I’ll get a chance to dial in my sea level tune.

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