I’ve been looking at 00-09-ish Outbacks to replace my Matrix as a daily in the next year or so, and I have some questions.

The reason I’m looking at them is because to my knowledge they are the only vehicle that meets all of the following requirements:

-can tow 3000lbs

-not a truck/SUV

-available with 3 pedals

Also, I have a bit of a soft spot for Subi’s, as I learned to drive stick on an 03 Forester.


My objective is a reliable daily that can, a few times a year, pull my 2,000lb track car on a roughly 400lb two wheel dolly and not completely lose it’s shit, while also not being a truck/SUV.

Track car for reference:

The conundrum I currently face in my brain is which version to go with.

2.5 N/A - easy to find with a manual, inexpensive, mechanically simple (easy to work on), but might struggle with towing and is not exactly known for longevity.


2.5 XT turbo - difficult but not impossible to find with a manual, more expensive, mechanically complex with dubious longevity, but will tow no problem

3.0 H6 - easy to find, dead reliable compared to the 2.5's, best engine for towing, mechanically simple compared to turbo.....but no manual option at all.


So oppo please share with me your Subaru wisdom and help me with this problem that has been consuming my brain.

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