It’s been two years, which means those car crazy lunatics from the Horizon Festival have returned to create chaos in yet another country. A festival celebrating loud music and fast cars, the Horizon Festival often appears more as just a gathering of youths and rich car enthusiasts.

This year’s festival has Australia in its sights. Although it doesn’t officially begin until September 27, an influx of festival goers has already invaded the country, where there’s been some fairly obvious street racing and property damage.

We spoke to Mark Adams, from Surfer’s Paradise, to get hear his opinion on the situation:

“I think it’s bloody awful. A bunch of pissed seppos in one thing. They don’t have cars. These wankers are going everywhere and crashing into whatever they feel like. I was outside, washing me Ute when this fucker goes crashing into my fence and destroying the barbie. He was trying to show off to some sheila. I can’t wait for this to be over. Oi and I forgot to say, Fords are for tossers!”


We also spoke to a festival goer, Brian Smith, from America.

“So like, this place is awesome but I can’t understand the locals and they drive on the wrong side of the road. Still it’s like the perfect place for me to drive fast in my Mustang my dad let me borrow.”


This is our second year reporting on the Horizon Festival, and I think we’re starting to see why it’s not popular with some people. Tune in for more news tomorrow on the 11:00 news at 12:00.

(I did this when Forza Horizon 2 came out as well)