Wife had a battery issue in her Enclave yesterday (that's a whole other story that is still chapping my ass. Great battery placement GM. And thanks for not leaving a strap on the battery to remove it from it's tiny compartment!) so I had to pick up a new one. My neighbor gets a pretty good discount at the local O'Reilly's so we went up there. I met my wife there as she had just finished a hair appointment. I got a few "nice car man!" from the employees, and was going to take them out to check out Aces. Then I heard the rumble of a big block out front. This guy showed up parked next to my car.

Some of you may be going, "Why does he have the Deadliest Catch boat's logo on his car?" Well, because it is Captain Hillstrand's car. He was there to buy a car cover for his 1955 Bel Air you see here. What are the O'Reilly guys oogling?

It sounded SOOOOOO damn sweet. The hood is trick too, it hinges forward as you see, but it slides forward via linear actuators (bottom right of pic on the frame rail) before it tilts. He was laughing when the O'Reilly guys were trying to open the hood like a normal car.