This is my 1996 Trek 990 zx Series Single Track. I bought it new and then special ordered the parallel link Softride suspension stem with the dampening cartridge for front suspension duties. This is one of those suspension ideas that really gets your head scratching when experienced in real life. The stem moves up and down but does very little to help the front wheel track over the ground or reduce vibration in you hands. I haven’t ridden it in about 18 months so I’m going to try to sell it on my local craigslist for $300-400. More on the bike below.

The frame is OXIII chrome-moly steel-heat treated after welding (tig welded). It is similar to steel bikes by Thomas Ritchey and Keith Bontrager at the time, maybe a bit more robust than the Ritchey’s. It was welded up by Trek welders in Treks Waterloo Wisconsin factory. The next year the only bikes Trek manufactured in the US were their luged carbon fiber bikes (OCLV).

The original build was a Shimano XT 8 speed group with SRAM grip shifters. In 1997 I got some XTR trigger shifters to replace the grip shits (as we called them). In 2000 or so I put an entirely new shimano 9-speed xt group on it-and is still there today. For two years I ran a specialized FSX air oil fork extended to 70 mm then I got a Marazochi bomber at 80 mm of travel and I think ran that for another 2 years. I wore both of those forks out, utterly and completely, put them in the garbage when done. The only reason I put the Softride back on is for shits and giggles, it gets lots of looks an comments.