Do not buy.

My parents bought this thing years ago from a now-defunct company.

After my dad died, my mom gave it to me for the kids. I have been wrestling with it since then to get it level.

I finally called a professional pool table company, and apparently (1) the playing surface is particle board that is warped (2) it is an odd thickness and construction that cannot be replaced with a slate surface. He said he has never seen one that lasts. They use maritime grade cloth and plastic, but particle board underneath.

I told him my kid wants to learn the game. (Aside: I used to be really good. I never paid for drinks in my 20s due to pool skills. Haven’t played in years and suck now.)

He said buy a real table and put it inside where it belongs.

So what do I do with this thing? Right now, it is storing Vespa parts and a sign I stole from a psychic 29 years ago. (long story)



Option 1 is the junk man. Is there an Option 2 to repurpose a pool table?