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Outdoor Scout leader meeting

So, since Ohio has been on lock down for the past couple weeks, Boy Scout meetings have been cancelled. But, since I’m part of the leadership of my sons scout troop, me and the three other leaders needed to get together and discuss upcoming plans, specifically summer camp in late June, if it happens. So, I volunteered to have a everyone come over to my place, have a meeting outdoors around my fire pit and practice social distancing. Chairs were a good 6 feet apart, discussions were had, and a few beers were consumed in a couple hours of time. Meeting accomplished.

Asshole neighbor across the street posts on Facebook how his idiot neighbor is having a “party” with his “buds”. Hey, fuck you. We’re trying to get things done so boys can, hopefully, spend a week outdoors learning useful skills and become useful members of these united states. You, on the other hand, are posting to social media what you do not understand. Seriously, fuck you. Not the Scout way, but tonight, it’s my way. Fuck you.


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