3 months ago while backing between these two poles and a car that was parked parallel to the sidewalk, I ran over (hit with my tire?) this cable protector.

I hit it with such force that when I turned around, I saw a guy in his car parked up the lot turned my way, looking..., as if to ask, “What the fuck was that?”. I just couldn’t see it in my mirror.

It cleared the bodywork, and the fold-away mudflaps did their job. If it would have been a RAV-4 on 17s, I’d need a new wheel. It drove away fine.


Fast forward 2 months...All’s good and forgotten. I rotate my tires. 2 more weeks...some “warped” disc sensation. It’s okay, I think to myself, “they’re due”.

Suddenly, the steering is borked with shake. Fucked-shake. 3 inches-on-the-steering-wheel-fucked. From across the parking lot I can see there’s something wrong. “It’s oval!”. An inch broad of the circle for 10 inches of the circumference. Whoa shit!


Arm’s-length deflate;“Special spare!”.

Tonight I found the last matching tire west of the East Coast. $80.

Life is good.

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