Some of you may have heard of the "hoax" of the 160mpg car. You would be forgiven if you haven't heard the story as it originated in the late 1970s. Tom Ogle, a high school drop out from El Paso, California was able to create a fuel system that gave his 1970 Ford Galaxie over 100mpg.

After the story was made public and articles were supposedly written by the New York Times and other major news organizations, things started to go south for Ogle. There is a rumor that GM had made a similar device years earlier and Ogle had to pay patent royalties to the company. He is also believed to have been audited by the IRS causing his life to fall further into disarray. The final straw was when Ogle's partner and friend died by a freak accident when a jack fell and killed him. Ogle's friend is believed to be the only other person who know how the design worked. Afterwords Ogle left his auto shop and turned to alcoholism.

Afterwords the story goes big oil got the best of him. Ogle refused 25 million dollars from Shell Oil company to hand over the blueprints for the invention. Then in 1981 he was killed by big oil. The common held belief is he overdosed on drugs after becoming an alcoholic and committed suicide. The conspiracy theorist say that big oil was afraid Ogle's invention would become a reality and destroy their profitable business. So they killed Tom Ogle burying his invention with him.

If the conspiracy theorist are correct it wouldn't be the first time big business has intervened to promote their own personal interest. In the presidential election of 1896 William Mckinley received over three billion dollars in todays money to win the presidential election. Big business wanted their man Mckinley in office to stop the onslaught of the radical democrats vying to dismantle the monopolies. At the time Mark Hanna a wealthy business man raised capital from the big organizations run by Rockefeller (Standard Oil), Carnegie (U.S Steel), and Morgan (General Electric). So it doesn't seem totally out of the question for big oil to kill of Ogle does it?


Tom Ogle's invention is based on a vapor fuel system. Now I will not pretend I have any idea what I am talking about but the invention goes something like this; the ingenious of Ogle's invention is he removed the carburetor on the car. This allowed him to use a series of hoses to feed gas vapors and air directly into the engine. The gas from the tank travels through several filters which stretches the energy available in each gallon. The gas tank withstands 360,000 pounds of pressure allowing for maximum fuel efficiency.

I have seen this story several different times on the internet and every time the conspiracy draws me in and make me wonder if this actually did happen? I am a little skeptical because it is after all it is the internet and the golden rule is you can't believe everything you hear on the internet. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory too so their is a slight chance this is all just fiction. That being said it could be true and maybe the oil companies did kill off one of our greatest chances at burning died dinosaurs for another 1,000 years. Tell me what you guys think about this story and here is a link to the patent:


Here is an argumentative by Micheal Ballaban about why these conspiracy theories may be false: