Miata hardtops have become incredibly difficult to find near me. And they’ve more than doubled in price. There used to be 15-30 on the Seattle Craigslist any given day at $700-1400. The last few months? I’ve seen no more than 2 at a time. Prices I remember from this week have been $2000, $2500, and $1600—for a beat to shit black top with no window—what a steal. Excuse me while I cry in the corner.

I’m semi-smashed, working on some whiskey & coke’s and this topic popped into my head and made me sad. Be sad with me Oppo, feel my anguish.

Even the forums aren’t helping much. The pricing is better but still rising, and availability has plummeted there as well. Best bet seems to be buying from a Canadian forum member and driving across the border. Unfortunately they all seem to be near the east coast...

Hardtops are literally getting more expensive than a decent running car was a few years back. Sadly.. After being cheap so long the cars themselves are getting pricier too. The guy asking 10k for a clean, stock NA with 70k miles isn’t insane anymore. It sells. Special editions, yellow paint, purple paint, blue paint? Tack on another couple grand. LSD? Yep, that’ll cost ya.

I was hoping the Miata would stay cheap forever. Mostly because at 350k miles none of this changes the fact that my car as a whole has zero value. But hey, some of the most expensive parts on it will sell for 90% what I paid for them so that’s good, right? Not so fast. Unfortunately that just means if I ever decide to sell, I’ll be parting the car out just like everyone else in my situation and thus further contributing to the problem. Eventually the only 1st gen Miatas for sale will be the pristine garage queens at unholy prices and the heavily modified racer/autox builds that are way too much car for most. But can you blame me when I’d be lucky to get 3k for the “car” and could easily get 4x that with almost zero effort by putting low supply, high demand parts on the forums?



I want a hardtop, but don’t want to spend the rediculous amount of money people are asking now. But I don’t have a choice, because rallyx rules require an oem hardtop to compete. Also, Miatas shouldn’t appreciate in value. It’s bad for enthusiasts looking for cheap, fun cars