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Overcoming car project laziness/fear of failure

So last year, in the March-April time frame, I assembled my kit for a great Miata project, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time:


I got a Megasquirt-PNP DIY, and the Jenvy IRTB kit for Miata 1.6 including RX-8 injectors.

By the end of April I had soldered together the DIY Megasquirt, and then unexpectedly had to put the project on hold in order to move my family to a new house. All my parts went in boxes. I moved across town, and since then there has always been something that took precedence over getting back to the project.


It has now been 9 months, and as each weekend comes and goes, I stare at those few boxes on the shelf in my garage, going unused.

What can I do to motivate myself to get back into it? Part of my problem now is that I’ve lost that rush, that push to get it done, and instead I’m constantly thinking: What if I put the Megasquirt in and it just doesn’t start? What if I get the ECU working with the stock airbox but when I put the IRTBs in the whole thing goes to pot? What if I need to do metal fab work to get the throttle cable to the IRTBs and it’s way beyond my ability?


As a practical matter, not just motivational platitudes, how do I take that next step?

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