Hi all. It’s time to find Cheapster a new home.

My wife and I looked at another old Passat wagon. If the PPI checks out, we’ll be driving it home Thursday. It’s an 08 with the Lux package, with a hair over 100k miles, and feels far more solid than the last one. Plus it’s got a better stereo and rear-window shades. It’s at a consignment dealer here in Charlotte. My wife loves it.


Because it’s Craigslist, I’m going to be getting some buffing pads to clear up the sunburn. I’ve got Duplicolor touchup paint for the icky parts on the roof. Maybe I’ll also paint the bumper and grille flat black.Then I’ll vacuum out the car, hit the the seats with some pumice to get rid of the dog hair, and put it out by the road with a for-sale sign.

Anyway, here’s the ad copy. I’m going to get some fresh pictures after it’s cleaned up.

1994 jeep cherokee 

cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 259000 
paint color: green 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: SUV 

Selling our old workhorse of a Jeep. It’s been used as a commuter, a farm truck, a work truck, a moving van, and dog hauler. Per previous owner, head was rebuilt at around 180k miles. Valve cover gasket and other gaskets look new.

The good:
It’s a cockroach of a vehicle. In the time we’ve owned it, it’s never once left my wife or me stranded.
4.0L inline-six. It runs strong. It’s not fast, but it won’t stop.
New engine and transmission mounts last October at 250k miles.
Brake service and adjustment at same time
Regular oil changes
Doesn’t seem to leak oil
Decent gas mileage for a 4.0L Cherokee - I average 18-20 MPG. Best tank was 22. Worst was 16.
Automatic Transmission shifts just right.
Decent stereo. It’s a Sony with decent speakers and an Aux input.
It’s tough. It’s been through a lot and just keeps on taking it.
Easy to work on. I’m a TOTAL idiot when it comes to working on cars, but I can change the oil on this in under 20 minutes.

The bad:
Uses a bit of oil - about 1-2 quarts between oil changes.
Stereo seems to have the antenna unplugged. There’s a decent amount of static on most stations.
One rear brake shoe is hung up and sometimes makes noise
No air conditioning. Mechanic looked at it and found bad hoses - loose at the distribution block, with fittings that wouldn’t budge.

The air conditioning could be as simple as replacing hoses and a charge. It could require replacing the whole A/C system. I don’t know.

In all, this is a tough, good-running old Jeep. I’m looking for $2000 or best offer. Not looking for trades, but I’m somewhat open to them. If you have a running, extended-cab small pickup that will pass NC inspection and the title is clear and in your name, I’ll consider it.

Do not send me an offer before looking at and driving this Jeep.
Text or email only please.