Overdrive/general transmission issues?

This might be hard to describe, so bear with me. Basically, every now and then, my car starts to sort of shake while making a weird noise and fluctuating in power. It doesn’t feel as bad as that description makes it sound; it’s like it’s trying to shift and then changing its mind, over and over. (it’s auto, of course) I’m not 100% which gear(s) this is happening in, but I’m pretty sure it’s between third and fourth/overdrive. I’m going to keep it in Drive later today to see if that “fixes” the issue in order to know for sure whether it’s overdrive causing trouble or not, but is this a common problem you know about? How hard/expensive is it to fix?

Oh, and this mainly happens when accelerating uphill, which leads me to believe it might not be sensing that it needs to stay in a lower gear, so it shifts up and then immediately back down after realizing it doesn’t have enough power in the higher gear. Does that make sense?


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