So as my last post on the subject stated. Trans blew at Exit 21 on Interstate 68 in Maryland last Tuesday. 200 miles from my destination in WV and 360 miles from my home in NJ. Fun, well the next day. After a night in Grantsville MD (look it up. ass end of nowhere) We proceeded to get a ride to the local Ford dealer, who was very helpful in all this. They found my trans fluid was under 1/4 full, leading to the failure. Now, i had just 2k earlier had my trans replaced due to a 2-3 issue. Ok that makes me angry. Well my dealer wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole apparently when the local place (deihls) called them (route 23). So i’m faced with a very unpleasant situation. Get a rental from Enterprise, drive home, then drive back with it when the work is done. Now that’s a 5.5 hour trip. Fuck that. I get on the phone with Route 23 while Deihls calls there rep. One angry call later Rt 23 calls Deihls and agrees to transport my car when it’s fixed, and the Ford rep for that area covered a one way rental for me. all works out, until i get the car back and go barking at the dealer about what they are going to do for me about it. Only shitty part now is it would take 3-4 weeks normally for the transmission, BUT the dealer is taking this week off. For a cruise. Wut.

Rental is a 2016 Hyundai Accent 5 door. It’s got the tiniest friggin wheels. 175/70/14, wtf lol