This person can over-hype more than EA’s Battlefront. Sorry miata guys I’m not affiliated with this owner so don’t rip me a new rear main seal.

The answer is always Miata, except when you want to do things like -

a. Merge easily onto highways
b. Carry more than a backpack
c. Not look like a hairdresser
4. Have sex in the parking lot of Target*

You know it, I know it - RWD is best wheel drive. German Engineering is best engineering. Stick shift is best shift. This thing is a fucking tank that prefers to be sideways. This thing is a Miata that coworkers won’t laugh at. It’s an S2000 but it has a back seat, more torque, those two sexy ass kidney grills and the god damn propeller badge on its nose sniffing its way through traffic both on track and across the Atlantic City Expressway on its way to win Texas Hold ‘em and visit trashy strip clubs.

Wait, this thing has been on legendary tracks like Lime Rock Park, and Watkins Glen? Fuckin-ay, yeah it has been. I already told you, it’s a tank. It has 200k miles on the clock but it wants more. It needs it. It screams for more throttle. Getting me to and from work 100 miles a day isn’t enough, it wants to do it at 95 mph. Pulling onto mainstreet after a pick me up of tacobell at midnight means pulling out ass sideways like this RWD hog is supposed to be slung, with its H&R Springs and Bilstein sport suspension holding steady. No, it won’t crash into curbs** and go viral like Mustangs after Cars and Coffee Jay Leno-type bullshit meet and greets, because this thing came from the factory with independent rear suspension and better weight balance with the battery in the trunk.


Speaking of the IRS, did you see the asking price? For less than your tax return, you could have it all. Controlled countersteering. Automatic windows. A sun roof. General and specific awesomeness. No, this isn’t a new-age yuppy’s BMW with traction control, driven by some fucktard who doesn’t know how to use blinkers and either needs to prove to his daddy that his law degree was worth it or prove to his drug buyers that he’s a legit dealer. This car is



Other perks - 1995 AKA OBDi AKA don’t bother with inspection in NJ because it doesn’t require it. It has A/C that blows ice cold so your girl doesn’t complain in the passenger seat. It has a Borla performance exhaust so don’t have to turn the stereo on. But feel free to turn that Amazon bought head unit on at full volume. It sounds fantastic. It comes with a second set of wheels so you can mount up some snows and cruise past big ass AWD trucks stuck in a snow bank because they don’t understand that all seasons tires are garbage. It has a new alternator, new brake pads and rotors. A push button starter because I was bored a few months ago one Saturday morning. I rebuilt the VTEC (I mean uh, VANOS) recently.

The car was built in the 90s. You’re god damn right it’s got a chip.

This is E36. This is RWD.

*back seat is pretty tight for business time, road head is easier
**if you suck at driving, it certainly could put you into a curb. Don’t suck.

Come pick up your drift rocket .