Being in the Good Ole' U.S. of A. and being raised in a household of Toyotas (FZJ80's) I have come to realize that Land Cruisers are AWESOME vehicles... until they break. I recently got rid of my 1994 LC due to old age, and that replacement parts are getting extremely expensive. I have been DD a 2002 Grand Cherokee with boat loads more power... and my wife doesn't hate it. Plus, they are one of the most widely made/purchased American SUV's of all time.

So now the process begins on modifying the rig with a minor lift (2") and start armoring up the WJ and start outfitting it for road trips and random camping trips. I will fill you guys in as it develops. Currently my WJ has 98,233 miles, we ordered a 2" Spring lift, new spring isolators, Bilstein 5100's, and a MOOG steering stabilizer. Up next after that... tires of the 31" variety!